How To Be Safe While Traveling Alone

Last minute travel is the current trend. More and more travelers are trying this adventurous trip. Unlike regular traveling that takes months of planning, last minute holidays gives the perfect excitement. Well, if you have also made up your mind on any such impulsive travel alone, here are a few guidelines to help you.

1. Learn self-defense techniques. They will help you tackle any sudden assailant that you might come across during the travel. Do not worry about the duration of these classes. Many crash courses on self-defense is available. They hardly extend up to few days. By enrolling in any of these classes, you can easily get a basic training on self-defense.

2. Do adequate research on your travel place. Remember being an alone traveler, you cannot take the risk of traveling to an unsafe place. Before you choose any travel destination, find maximum information about it through the internet. Doing this will give you an idea of the place.

3. Some of the areas you need to find about are:

Local culture Dressing style General ambience Local people attitude towards foreigners

4. Be careful about the hotel location you choose. Do not choose an area that looks risky.

5. Be careful about the hotel you choose. Remember your first priority should be to choose a hotel that offers good security to the guests. Avoid taking rooms on the ground floor of the hotel. Understand ground floor rooms are easily accessible by windows.

6. Talk to different hotels about their security features.

7. Do not open your hotel room to any stranger. Always ask the identity of the person before opening the door. In case of a hotel professional, ask him/her to wear the hotel Id.

8. Maintain a good relation with the hotel reception officials. Keep them informed about your whereabouts. Do not forget to give contact numbers of some of your family members to the hotel reception. In case of any emergency, the hotel staff can call you or inform your family and friends.

9. Try to dress in the similar fashion to locals. This will help you mix with the crowd easily. You will not look out of place and grab attention of the locals.

10. Be careful if you have plans of partying. Do not drink much. Understand your limits when you are drinking alone.

11. Travel safely on the road. Try not to do late night traveling. Choose the places carefully that you wish to travel. In case of any problem on the road (someone following you), walk close to another pedestrian. Or else, head to a nearby shopping mall or busy public place. Inform the hotel authorities or the local police.

Some additional tips

12. Try to maintain the same routine in the hotel as you have at home. Get up early in the morning, start your day with a cup of coffee, plan out your activities for the rest of the day and return to hotel in early evening.

13. Arrange for a travel guidebook. This will help you plan your travel in that place. Based on the information given in the book, you can schedule the activities for the remaining part of the trip.
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