Dubais Tourism Industry

Dubai has emerged as the one among the most favorite destinations for travelers from the world over who are in search of the most luxurious vacation trips. They can have exotic quality of dining and all comforts of the various five star hotels in Dubai. The sandy beaches and various spots for sightseeing make the trip to Dubai the most memorable.

Youngsters as well as newly married couples are highly thrilled at the amusement parks, the various events and also with the variety of other outdoor activities. Tour organizers all over the world offer very attractive packages for holiday trips to Dubai. Besides sightseeing and other refreshing activities shopping at the great malls of Dubai is indeed a great experience.

Specialties from all parts of the world are available in these malls. The tourism industry in Dubai has recorded a tremendous growth and within a short span of time Dubai could succeed in becoming a global brand of tourism.

Blend of cultures

The tourists at Dubai experience a perfect blend of traditional culture of Dubai and the modern culture. Dubai tourism is designed by modern architects as well as historians. While developing Dubai as the most modern tourist center adequate care has been taken to protect its rich cultural heritage.

While bringing up Dubai with the latest technology and innovations the local people never compromised with the cultural values of ancient Dubai. Since the blend of ancient and modern makes its presence everywhere in Dubai the past glory of Dubai is still alive.

Those who visit Dubai are overwhelmed with the hospitality they get there. English language is very common all over Dubai so that international tourists find it very comfortable to communicate during their visit to Dubai.

Tourism the most flourishing industry

The tourism industry is very significant for Dubai since it has greatly contributed to faster economic growth of the country. The anticipation is that in coming years the tourism industry in Dubai will reach the first position pushing down oil export to second position.

Tourism has been identified as the base for Dubais future economic growth. The hotel industry is well flourishing in Dubai and there are more than 200 star hotels that provide world class accommodation facilities to the visitors from all parts of the world. The spectacular Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is one of the most famous hotels in the world.

The Royal Mirage Hotel, Ajman Resort, Wild Wadi Park and Al Maha etc are the other major places of attraction for tourists in Dubai.

The international tourism hub

Travelers with different interests find Dubai as their favorite travel destination. Dubai tourism offers immense opportunities and facilities for various tourist activities sightseeing, beaches and natural beauty, variety shopping, culture, purchase of fashion articles, luxury and comfort, fishing, theme parks and all modern tourist activities and entertainments.

All types of international cuisines are offered at the hotels in Dubai. The Chinese cuisine at Zheng He, the various national and international cuisines at Al Muna, the Cocktails at Bahri Bar, the French cuisine at Hotel Pierchic and the Thai Cuisine at Pai Thai are the prices of Dubai tourism.

The beaches in Dubai are known for their serene atmosphere and peaceful surroundings. The restaurants and resorts are linked by waterways.