Take The Stress Out Of Travelling

Youve booked your holiday, whether it is for a week, two weeks or just a few days. You are imagining being sat on a white sandy beach, with the sun on your face and not a care in the world. However, there is that one dark cloud shadowing your perfect scene and that is, the travelling. Whether it is getting to the airport, the long wait once you are there, travelling with children or praying your bags have made it to the other side, I dont think there is an aspect that anybody can enjoy. The one thing everyone wants more than anything is to step off that transfer bus at the hotel knowing you have gotten out unscathed and paradise awaits you, this however seems like a faraway place.

An up and coming revolutionary idea to solve the problem of ridiculous taxi fares and sky high parking prices has to be the meet and greet parking service. Simply drive your car to the airport where somebody meets you, pay less than half of the price you would do at the airport and enjoy your holiday, safe with the knowledge your car will be there on your return, without the huge price tag that accompanies the evil parking meter. Nothing could be simpler.

Children dont have to be an added stress on your journey. Sweets are probably a bad idea; quiet children arent the consequence of high sugar levels. However, as long as there is enough to keep them entertained for the flight and waiting around everything will be okay. Boredom is the main reason for screaming children running around an airport, if you dont want to run the risk of having to pay for the perfume stall that has been knocked over, make sure you take their favourite toy or game to keep them as quiet as possible. Also, give them something new, it doesnt have to be expensive but the novelty will keep them entertained for as long as necessary. Keep in mind that it will all be worth it when you are on holiday by the pool and everyone is happy.

If it is possible try to check in online, this way you avoid the big queues and worry about getting there on time. This will also mean you can reserve your seats online, significantly reducing the stress you face at the airport. When you pack, keep in mind the security procedure, wear little to no jewellery and if possible dont take any liquids. Going through security is probably one of the most stressful parts of flying, so if you wear shoes you can easily slip off and carry no loose change in your pocket it will make the experience less insufferable.

The final thing to do is relax and enjoy your flight. In a few hours you will be in the paradise that seemed so far away and all that stress you had will seem so pointless